Amplification + Radiation



We will help you amplify your voice.

We work with singers, songwriters, producers, artists, and businesses.

We focus our efforts on helping them to build long, sustainable careers.

We create short term promotional efforts, with the mindset that those efforts can and should have long term ramifications.


Artist Management • Consulting • Social Media Marketing • Branding • Music Videos • Content Creation

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Ampraid is a Portland, Oregon based artist management company that support singers, songwriters, producers, artists, and businesses.  We concentrate our management and promotional efforts on helping artists to build sustainable careers.  We’re one of the few artist management companies in the world that can handle video production, content creation, branding, website creation, and targeted social media marketing using only our in house team.  

We love to create short term promotional campaigns, with the mindset that those efforts can and should have a long lasting and positive impact.  We have many collected years worth of running targeted social media campaigns which were specifically designed to support musicians, producers, music venues, and artists.      

We can help you find your audience.  We will amplify your voice.    

We are always taking on new promotional campaigns.  If you are interested in help with promoting your musical project, please feel free to reach out to us.